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WOLFF 91 Assembly at UOCHB Construction Completion

At the construction completion of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in Prague 6, we added, in the end of July 2013 to the Comansa 5 LC 5010 that has been used for a long time, the WOLLFF 91 crane with maximum jib length and maximum height. View the photographs from the assembly.

WILBERT WT 150 e.tronic

Modern and powerful crane equipped with the relevant electronics by a German producer - a Mercedes among cranes. Robust and still easy to operate, designed for high tasks. It is operated through the newest software, it has an implemented module for remote control and adjustment during operation through GSM direct connection to the producer.


WOLFF 5520

This model is an improved, more effective version of Wolff WK 91 – it offers longer arm and greater load bearing capacity.


WOLFF 92 SL Disassembly at the Eliska Residence

In the beginning of June 2013, the almost 1.5 year service of WOLFF 92 SL crane for Metrostav at the Eliska Residence construction in Vysocany was concluded. Use of the crane was interesting due to its height, which was achieved by climbing using a climbing frame in January 2013. At this height, the crane needed anchoring in the concrete structure of the building. During the week beginning on 10th June 2013, disassembly with the help of mobile crane took place. View some photographs from the construction site and the beginning of disassembly.


The main advantage of this type is the maximum load bearing capacity of 6 tons at a double hinge and the fact that the load bearing capacity is not limited by the height of the crane under the hook.



71 SL model is a classic one within the WOLFF product line. Verified by years of experience and price/performance ratio, it is one of the most wanted and most used cranes we offer. It is the only crane in its category with the maximum load bearing capacity of 6 tons.



In compliance with our objective to keep expanding and rejuvenating our crane park offer, we have purchased a new Comansa 11 LC 132 6t crane from the Spanish manufacturer Comansa. By its parameters (load bearing capacity of 6 tons, height under hook up to 47.9 meters, unloading length 60 meters) and properties, it is one of the top cranes. Immediately after delivery in June 2013, it will be used in a construction for our long-term client, PP 53, a. s.



Also the 91 SL model is part of the classic product line WOLFF. Constructors like to use it because of its convenient price and good and reliable performance. The most popular crane among our customers.



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Introduction of the Company

KONSTRUKTIVA LOKUS a. s. is one of the biggest owners, renters and operators of construction cranes active in the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Our extensive crane park offers tower cranes of top global producers of the Comansa, Wolff and Wilbert brands. We are a reliable partner to the top construction companies we have been cooperating with for a long time now, thanks to fair, open and individual approach. Although we have grown to be a big company, we still consider important to keep close personal contact with our customers.